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[native] Rename InviteLinksContext and InviteLinksContextProvider to…


[native] Rename InviteLinksContext and InviteLinksContextProvider to DeepLinksContext and DeepLinksContextProvider

To make the context more generalized in preparation for unifying the invite link handling and qr code link handling, renaming it to DeepLinksContext and DeepLinksContextProvider made the most sense to me.

This is not part of a monthly goal, just a follow-up task.

Depends on D9026

Part of ENG-4810

Test Plan: Confirmed all invite links worked as before and made sure that scanning the QR code to log in opened the app and navigated to the scanner

Reviewers: tomek, atul, ginsu

Reviewed By: tomek

Subscribers: ashoat

Differential Revision: https://phab.comm.dev/D9027