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[keyserver] Add the qrcode dependency for terminal output


[keyserver] Add the qrcode dependency for terminal output

We need a package to generate the QR codes from keyserver when it's run into the terminal. We have two options:

  • qrcode-terminal is the package that Expo CLI uses to display a QR code in the terminal similar to when yarn dev is run. While it's reliable, it hasn't really been updated in 5 years so I decided to not use it.
  • node-qrcode is the package that I decided to go to for a few reasons. It seems to be well supported (latest update in April), lots of community issues/responses on existing issues, and has a better API to generate the QR codes, specifically handling different encoding types.

Ultimately it shouldn't matter too much what we go with, the main challenge will be attempting to encode large amounts of data in a QR code in the terminal without it breaking the line output, so for now I'm going to go with this package. If we need to, it's a very easy change.

Addresses ENG-4778 and ENG-4771

Test Plan: Ran yarn cleaninstall and confirmed I can print out a simple QR code to the terminal in keyserver.js

Reviewers: atul, ginsu, varun, patryk, ashoat

Reviewed By: ashoat

Subscribers: tomek

Differential Revision: https://phab.comm.dev/D9089


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D9089: [keyserver] Add the qrcode dependency for terminal output
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