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[keyserver] Give all members permissions to add users to a community

Authored by ashoat on Mar 10 2023, 12:15 PM.
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Until we have support for roles in the UI, roles are entirely a function of thread type.

This diff updates communities (except GENESIS) so that all members have permissions to add somebody.

It also adds a migration to recalculate permissions for all threads.

Test Plan

I tested this in my local environment:

  1. I ran the migration locally
    • It took about 3.6 minutes, but prod has about 32% more threads than my local environments
    • Prod is also likely slower than my MBP. Assuming it's about 50% slower, I'm estimating it will take about 7.12min for this migration to run on prod
    • For that reason, I'll wait until late in the night before deploying it
  2. I created a new community locally via keyserver/src/scripts/create-community.js
    • I then added a rando test user to it, and confirmed the rando test user could add their friends

Diff Detail

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