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[native] Extract onClose-disabling behavior from SIWEPanel to…


[native] Extract onClose-disabling behavior from SIWEPanel to FullscreenSIWEPanel

In the original SIWEPanel, we implemented logic to make sure that after a successful SIWE, we didn't trigger goBackToPrompt after the closing of the bottom sheet.

However, this logic is currently messing with the new implementation, where it's preventing a second SIWE authorization since the first one was never cleared since the onClose wasn't called.

This diff moves the behavior that blocks goBackToPrompt to FullscreenSIWEPanel, so that both use cases work correctly.

Depends on D7927

Test Plan:

  1. I tested the old workflow and made sure that goBackToPrompt wasn't triggered after a successful SIWE
  2. See videos below for the impact on the new workflow:

Reviewers: atul, ginsu

Reviewed By: atul

Subscribers: tomek

Differential Revision: https://phab.comm.dev/D7928