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[web] Change import path and fix errors showing up when the typing is correct

Authored by inka on Tue, Feb 21, 4:26 AM.
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As mentioned in D6812 the import has to be fixed. We use useSelector from web/redux/redux-utils.js on web, because it adds proper typing. This change broke this file, because we should not be
quering an object for a field it doesn't have. Thus the other changes.

Test Plan

Run web app, checked that Apps directory modal displays its items correclty.

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maybe I am missing context here but wondering we there is need to fix this that way, not eg. adding chat: true (because it's always enabled) to EnabledApps type, since chat is also an app?

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Me and @tomek talked about this and inn result this task was created:

Generally we might want to add chat to the state, but maybe not as a true, but as a boolean, so that the redux doesn't know about the business-logic-specific fact - that the chat tab is always selected. But that also requires some more changes