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[lib][keyserver] Update reaction permission checks to check REACT_TO_MESSAGE

Authored by ashoat on Tue, Mar 14, 8:07 PM.
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F445303: D7074.id23780.diff
Sat, Mar 25, 8:12 PM
F445271: D7074.id23747.diff
Sat, Mar 25, 6:49 PM
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Fri, Mar 24, 12:20 PM
Unknown Object (File)
Wed, Mar 22, 2:39 AM
Unknown Object (File)
Wed, Mar 15, 8:46 PM
Unknown Object (File)
Wed, Mar 15, 8:45 PM
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Wed, Mar 15, 4:06 PM



In the last diff, I introduced a new threadPermissions constant for reactions.

In this diff, I update permission checks on the keyserver and client to check this new constant.

Depends on D7073

Test Plan

I tested this in combination with the next diff by:

  1. Running the migration by restarting the keyserver after introducing it and making sure it runs successfully
  2. Testing reacting as a member (non-admin) to a message in a COMMUNITY_ANNOUNCEMENT_ROOT community root. I don't have permission to send messages, but I can react on both native and web.

I didn't need to log out / back in on native, which indicates the the updatesTypes.UPDATE_THREAD updates were propagated correctly by the migration

Diff Detail

rCOMM Comm
Lint Not Applicable
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