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[native] Move rest of Search views to `ChatThreadListSearch`

Authored by atul on Thu, Sep 14, 1:24 PM.



Okay so after incrementally recreating the changes from my initial attempt at moving search-related code from ChatThreadList to ChatThreadListSearch it seems like I found the issue. It seems that when I move the <View style={styles.searchContainer}> from ChatThreadList to ChatThreadListSearch a bunch of gesture handlers and onPress fail to fire? I have no idea why, probably due to my lack of experience using Reanimated, but I'll keep that View in the outer ChatThreadList for now and return a React.Fragment in ChatThreadListSearch.

Depends on D9205

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Search experience continues to look and work as expected.

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atul published this revision for review.Thu, Sep 14, 1:25 PM
atul added inline comments.
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For some reason if I move this <View> "down" to ChatThreadListSearch things start to break? Specifically gesture handlers and onPress don't fire as expected.

CC @ashoat, @tomek for thoughts?

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I think this is happening due to the quirks of TouchableWithoutFeedback. I think it actually “clone”s the JSX it’s passed with some additional props being set. It needs the component that it’s passed to be a View, or else to forward props to a view. You could probably solve this by making ChatThreadListSearch accept …ViewProps and forward it to the View that is being rendered

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Ah gotcha thanks for explaining, that makes a lot more sense.

tomek added inline comments.
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We're importing chat-thread-list-search here which imports SearchStatus type from this file, so we're creating a loop. Not sure if this kind of loop causes any issues though, because it is only types import.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mon, Sep 18, 3:46 AM
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I think it should be fine because Flow types get "dropped" at runtime, but I can still move the type over to ChatThreadListSearch in a separate diff if that seems beneficial?

rebase after resolve merge conflict

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We should try to reduce the number of cycles we have and try to not introduce new ones. I think that if it's quick, we should fix it.